University Education Without Spending A Dime This Is Your How To Guide

If you are an entrepreneur like me this page is really not for you, but for most of young people out there, education is the only way out of poverty or a bridge to their long term goals. Young people these days have been under a lot of pressure to meet academic goals, due to high demand in most jobs on university graduates. From this perspective, getting your masters or phd degrees will definitely increase your chances of landing that dream job of yours !!

Unfoturnately not all of us come from wealthy families that can afford to pay US$25,000 to even US$50,000 per year !! or not all of us have GPAs of 4/4 to get scholarships….most of us are average, GPA may be 3 to 3.5, middle income level family and other average factors !! In this case affording university is a big huddle for a lot of people !! But guess what !! if you play your cards right you can study for free and actually at very nice and well recognized universities in the world ! You want to know how ? keep reading this and you will be suprised !

Here should be your first plan of attack (implementation explain afterwards):

1) First, you need to know what exactly you want to study. Sorry people, i am actually targetting further education here, after you finish your bachelor degree. Should be a bit easier to get in a bachelor degree financial wise and academic wise….i may be wrong, but some us paid it ourselves by working 5 to 10 jobs !!! dishwashing, camps, research assistants, intern….you name it !!

(2) Once you know exactly what kind of program you need to take, then your first option would be to look at the following countries – public universities only; Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, China, Japan, Thailand, Egypt, Turkey

(3) Second option, if your country is under/falls in commonwealth nations, then United Kingdom can be your home soon !! scholarship is given to any qualified students in those nations – especially under developed countries !! for those of us coming from those areas….dreams can come true ! you need to hustle though on eligibility criteria….final product is a big reward !

(4) Exchange programs !! yes exchange programs….these can range from 3 months to a year and lots of universities in many countries offer these. Lots of links for you in the end of this post !

(5) Financial instutions…..of course i am talking about banks here !! most of these giant money makers offer scholarships, but there are requirements and sometimes you may need to compete with other people, in the end if you man up….you may never to pay a cent for your education !!

(6) Governments….yes, there are lots of programs if you actually visit the ministry of education in your country. For example in Canada, government offers something called “Career Transition Assistance”, here is the link knock yourself out …..pretty much they finance you to upgrate your skills so that you can qualify for your dream job !! if you are smart, this is a chance to get those certifications and degrees !!

(7) Do you have great grades ? GPA at least 3.7/4 ? yep….lots of universities like Toronto university, Havard and many more can pay for your tuition. Most of the time you end up being working as a research assistant under a supervision of one professor in your program department…..and usually there is stipends !! In this case, you will be killing two birds with one stone, tuition fee paid and you are also getting paid to study !! what else do you want you poor bastard ? Lot’s of competition though with other students to get these scholarships, but can be done ! never say never !

(8) Work study programs !! yep some universities offer these option whereby students gets an opportunity to meet their financial needs and gain practical experience during school year… earn school credits for working !! salaries are usually low but my friend it releases a lot of pain !!

(9) Join the army ! yes….US army, Canadian army they will pay for your education while in a boot camp !! look for rich nations like these… is tough getting into these as most programs require citizenship !! chicken and egg issue but i am just opening your eyes…get married to a citizen first ! LOL then join the army….this is a joke, i do not condone illegal moves here !

I have a million more ways to study for free…..if you want to brainstorm more ideas visit and search this article – use the title name. You can review there, i am always online assisting my customers !!

Here are resources you can use to make your next move if you are hungry with education but your pockets have got holes everywhere !! If you are successful with one of my tips above, i will then teach you how to pass through immigration in any country in this world……legally of course but much smarter and faster !! keep reading my articles on

Masters programs worldwide –

Sweden Ministry of Education & Research –

Norway ministry of education & research –

Finland ministry of education –

Common wealth scholarships –

Exchange Programs –

Research assistant positions – you need to visit particular university websites, go to the faculty your program on interest is. Then start digging each of the professor in the faculty to see if they have any ongoing research. If yes, send an application and your CV….there may be a bunch of eligibility criteria…i assume you are smart enough ! heheheh !

Work & study programs –

Banks scholarships – example,

The rest please be smart and plug your questions on google….i have already clear the path for you !!

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